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Indie Rock style track, inspired by Noel Gallaghers - Lock all the doors

Dont want to be alone - Indie style rock guitar tune - 148 Bpm

Indie style uptempo ballad, with a rock chorus

70's Rock guitar track -  70s rock style

Anywhere - Indie rock Britpop British invasion feel - 140 Bpm (Instrumentals Available)

Drum & Bass style track with female Vocals

Running - Classic rock AC/DC style feel - 145 Bpm (Instrumentals Available)

EDM Club House track, ft TB 303 bassline

Speed of Night - Indie style rock guitar tune with an Oasis feel - 145 Bpm (Instrumentals Available)

EDM Trance style track, ft TB 303 bassline

Coz we're free - Driving rock guitars with a freedom feel - 143 Bpm

EDM big brother style upbeat trance beat

Corperate Dance Beats and Bass with a keep fit vibe, commercial 120 Bpm

Indie style upbeat track, featuring Leo Bull (Instrumentals available)

Coz we're Free - Indie style rock guitar tune with a summer Vibe - 143 Bpm

Indie in the style of The Cult, She sells sanctuary (Instrumentals available)